MemberConnection Blog

16 December 2016

Understanding Member Engagement

If you’ve kept an eye on industry news this year, you’re probably familiar with the term “member engagement”. Throughout 2016, the concept of member engagement has evolved and changed the way associations engage and track their members. However, many associations still lack a clear understanding of member engagement. In this post, we’ll answer a few basic questions. What is member engagement? How can your association measure it? And what tools can your association use to increase member engagement?

What is Member Engagement?

At its core, member engagement is about defining and maintaining a valuable relationship between your association and its members. There are numerous ways associations typically engage with their members. These can include high-touch activities such as hosting member events and low-touch activities such as sending monthly newsletters. Every association utilizes a mix of tactics to engage with its members. Understanding your association’s mix of engagement activities will help you identify the actions and activities that should be included in your “member engagement score”.

How Can You Measure It?

Member engagement is often measured by the quality and frequency by which a member interacts or engages with an organization. Once you understand the activities your association uses to engage its members, these activities can be quantified and compiled into a single “member engagement score” that is used to track and compare levels of engagement across the membership base (whether at the individual or organizational level). For example, your association may assign an individual “5 points” for attending an annual conference and “10 points” for sitting on a committee. An individual who sits on two committees and attends the annual conference would have an engagement score of “25 points”.

What Tools Do You Need?

Despite the focus on member engagement, many associations lack the tools and time to measure it effectively. With this in mind, MemberConnection developed new features in its association management software that are focused on decreasing the time and hassle involved in measuring member engagement. One of these features is an integrated engagement score for members. This engagement score can be customized and updated based on what matters most to your association.